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View Record: [134343] Body/Lateral from left/Auto-Montage/GuSCN-based buffer 2 hour/Adult/Unknown/Indeterminate
Applicable to Hexapoda hierarchy

Contributor:Norman Johnsonemail
Submitter:Norman Johnsonemail
Date Submitted:2007-02-13 
Last Modified:2011-10-12
Publish Date:2007-02-13
Description:New view object was added using Excel file

Specimen Part:Body
View Angle:Lateral from left
Preparation:GuSCN-based buffer 2 hour
View Applicable to:Hexapoda hierarchy

Example Image:[134377]
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Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University PlatyPBI  Auto-Montage GuSCN-based buffer 2 hour Body Lateral from left Unknown Indeterminate  Adult       Ohio State University Animalia Arthropoda Hexapodahexapods
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