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View Record: [136054] Whole plant/Location, tight shot/Digital, available light/No preparation/Adult/Hermaphrodite/Indeterminate
Applicable to Plantae hierarchy

Contributor:Boyce Tankersleyemail
Submitter:Judy Kleimanemail
Date Submitted:2007-04-13
Last Modified:2007-04-13
Publish Date:2007-04-13
Description:New view object was added using Excel file

Specimen Part:Whole plant
View Angle:Location, tight shot
Technique:Digital, available light
Preparation:No preparation
View Applicable to:Plantae hierarchy

Example Image:[136085]
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Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University Geranium  Digital, available light No preparation Whole plant Location, tight shot Hermaphrodite Indeterminate   Adult    Chicago Botanic Garden
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dcterms:identifier: urn:uuid:a337f07e-6856-42e8-965d-0650974847ca
Specimen 1 dcterms:identifier: urn:uuid:b6058c22-19b4-4034-99db-a74303f07c79