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View Record: [139914] Head and thorax/Dorsal/Transmitted light, brightfield/No preparation/Adult/Female/Indeterminate
Applicable to Insecta hierarchy

Contributor:Shelah Moritaemail
Submitter:Katja Seltmannemail
Group:shelah's group
Date Submitted:2007-06-20 
Last Modified:2007-06-20
Publish Date:2007-06-20
Description:View added to the database

Specimen Part:Head and thorax
View Angle:Dorsal
Technique:Transmitted light, brightfield
Preparation:No preparation
View Applicable to:Insecta hierarchy

Example Image:[139915]
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Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University shelah's group  Transmitted light, brightfield No preparation Head and thorax Dorsal Female Indeterminate  Adult       North Carolina State University Animalia Arthropoda Hexapoda Insectainsects hexapoda inseto insectes
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dcterms:identifier: urn:uuid:9d08e7a9-e353-499a-8d96-c588db688af3
Specimen 1 dcterms:identifier: urn:uuid:b6058c22-19b4-4034-99db-a74303f07c79