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View Record: [460816] pharyngobranchial 2-Dorsal-D
Applicable to Osteichthyes hierarchy

Contributor:Cypriniform Tree of Lifeemail
Submitter:Paula Mabeeemail
Group:Cypriniform Tree of Life
Date Submitted:2008-09-08
Last Modified:2008-09-08
Publish Date:2008-09-07
CToLOntologyItem TAO ID: TAO:0001250
CToLOntologyItemZFinID: ZDB-ANAT-050711-60

Specimen Part:pharyngobranchial 2
View Angle:Dorsal
Technique:Digital Camera
Preparation:Cleared and counterstained for bone (Alizarin red) and cartilage (Alcian blue)
View Applicable to:Osteichthyes hierarchy

Example Image:[460884]
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Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University Cypriniform Tree of Life pharyngobranchial 2-Dorsal-D Digital Camera Cleared and counterstained for bone (Alizarin red) and cartilage (Alcian blue) pharyngobranchial 2 Dorsal unknown Unspecified  Unspecified       Cypriniform Tree of Life Project Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Osteichthyesbony fishes poissons osseux osteíceto peixe ósseo
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