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Image Record: [800143]  Solenopsis sp.06 (cluster b, Fig. S12, in Delsinne et al. Invertebrate Systematics, in press) hierarchy

Contributor:Thibaut Delsinneemail
Submitter:Thibaut Delsinneemail
Group:FORMICIDAE, Solenopsis
Date Submitted:2012-06-28 
Last Modified:2012-06-28
Publish Date:2012-12-01
Description:New image from upload

Magnification: NULL
Dimension (px): 2048x1536
Resolution (PPI):
Submitted as: jpg
Original File Name: spm3534106-f-64x-mf00501-ant22
Photographer: Yves Laurent, Isabelle Bachy

View id: 800078
Specimen part: Head
Angle: Frontal
Technique: Auto-Montage
Preparation: Pinned

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Copyright: Biological Evaluation Section, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
License: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike-Non Commercial 3.0 Unported License.
Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University FORMICIDAE, Solenopsis Thibaut Delsinne Auto-Montage Pinned Head Frontal Female Worker Thibaut Delsinne, Tania Arias-Penna Adult South America  ECUADOR Zamora-Chinchipe Province  Copalinga Private Reserve-blue trail (1050m-C) Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique Animalia Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Pterygota Neoptera Hymenoptera Apocrita Aculeata Vespoidea Formicidae Myrmicinae Solenopsidini Solenopsis Solenopsis sp.06 (cluster b, Fig. S12, in Delsinne et al. Invertebrate Systematics, in press)
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Specimen id: 800097
Basis of record: [S] - Specimen
Sex: Female
Form: Worker
Stage: Adult
Catalog number:
Collector: Thibaut Delsinne, Tania Arias-Penna
Date collected:


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Locality Id: 800073
Continent: South America
Water Body:
Country: ECUADOR
State/Province: Zamora-Chinchipe Province
Locality: Copalinga Private Reserve-blue trail (1050m-C)
Latitude: -4.0912
Longitude: -78.9607
Elevation (m): 1050
Depth (m):



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Specimen 800097 dcterms:identifier: urn:uuid:32ca4128-943e-4505-92d4-4017a5a5c016
dcterms:identifier: urn:uuid:9984425d-d6bf-48c3-82f5-ae52e101fb8d

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Solenopsis sp.06 (cluster b, Fig. S12, in Delsinne et al. Invertebrate Systematics, in press)nonenone10