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Applicable to Xanthopygina hierarchy

Contributor:Stylianos Chatzimanolisemail
Submitter:Stylianos Chatzimanolisemail
Date Submitted:2007-07-29 
Last Modified:2007-07-29
Publish Date:2007-07-29
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Specimen Part:Body
View Angle:Dorsal
Technique:digital camera
Preparation:Pinned, no preparation
View Applicable to:Xanthopygina hierarchy

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Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University Staphylinidae  digital camera Pinned, no preparation Body Dorsal Unknown Unknown  Adult       University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Animalia Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Pterygota Neoptera Coleoptera Polyphaga Staphyliniformia Staphylinoidea Staphylinidae Staphylininae Staphylinini Xanthopygina
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