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View Record: [237083] Flower/General view/Digital camera, flash/Live/flower/Bisexual/reproductive
Applicable to Magnoliophyta hierarchy

Contributor:Douglas Goldmanemail
Submitter:Douglas Goldmanemail
Group:doug_goldman's group
Date Submitted:2008-06-19
Last Modified:2008-06-18
Publish Date:2008-06-18
Description:View Added to the Database

Specimen Part:Flower
View Angle:General view
Technique:Digital camera, flash
View Applicable to:Magnoliophyta hierarchy

Example Image:[237084]
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Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University doug_goldman's group  Digital camera, flash Live Flower General view Bisexual reproductive  flower       Harvard University Herbaria Plantae Tracheobionta Magnoliophytaangiosperms flowering plants angiospermes phanérogames plantes à fleurs plantes à fruits
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