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View Record: [472827] Leg I/Unspecified/SEM/Critical point dried, Au-Pd coated/Adult/Male/Unknown
Applicable to Arthropoda hierarchy

Contributor:Jeremy Milleremail
Submitter:Jeremy Milleremail
Group:jmiller's group
Date Submitted:2009-04-30
Last Modified:2009-04-30
Publish Date:2009-04-30
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Specimen Part:Leg I
View Angle:Unspecified
Preparation:Critical point dried, Au-Pd coated
View Applicable to:Arthropoda hierarchy

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Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University jmiller's group  SEM Critical point dried, Au-Pd coated Leg I Unspecified Male Unknown  Adult       Naturalis Biodiversity Center Animalia ArthropodaArtrópode arthropodes arthropods
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