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View Record: [574457] Ocelli and Tömösváry's organ/Lateral/Unspecified/Unspecified/Adult/Male/Not specified
Applicable to Eupolybothrus dolops hierarchy

Contributor:Nesrine Akkariemail
Submitter:Nesrine Akkariemail
Group:myriapoda's group
Date Submitted:2010-06-23
Last Modified:2010-06-23
Publish Date:2010-06-23
Description:View added

Specimen Part:Ocelli and Tömösváry's organ
View Angle:Lateral
Form:Not specified
View Applicable to:Eupolybothrus dolops hierarchy

Example Image:[574461]
Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University myriapoda's group  Unspecified Unspecified Ocelli and Tömösváry's organ Lateral Male Not specified  Adult       Faculty of Sciences of Tunis Animalia Arthropoda Myriapoda Chilopoda Lithobiomorpha Lithobiidae Eupolybothrus Eupolybothrus dolops
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