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View Record: [581573] wing/Dorsal/DSLR, macro lens, extension tube, LED dome light/Slide Mounted/Adult/Male/Not specified
Applicable to Mydaselpis ngurumani hierarchy

Contributor:Torsten Dikowemail
Submitter:Torsten Dikowemail
Group:tdikow's group
Date Submitted:2011-01-17
Last Modified:2011-01-17
Publish Date:2011-01-17
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Specimen Part:wing
View Angle:Dorsal
Form:Not specified
Technique:DSLR, macro lens, extension tube, LED dome light
Preparation:Slide Mounted
View Applicable to:Mydaselpis ngurumani hierarchy

Example Image:[581574]
Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University tdikow's group  DSLR, macro lens, extension tube, LED dome light Slide Mounted wing Dorsal Male Not specified  Adult       National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Mydaselpis ngurumani
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