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View Record: [63977] Wings/Left dorsal, right ventral/Reflected light, scan/No preparation/Adult/Male/Indeterminate
Applicable to Lepidoptera hierarchy

Contributor:Fredrik Ronquistemail
Submitter:Fredrik Ronquistemail
Group:Morphbank Administration
Date Submitted:2005-09-27
Last Modified:2005-09-27
Publish Date:2005-09-27

Specimen Part:Wings
View Angle:Left dorsal, right ventral
Technique:Reflected light, scan
Preparation:No preparation
View Applicable to:Lepidoptera hierarchy

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Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University Morphbank Administration  Reflected light, scan No preparation Wings Left dorsal, right ventral Male Indeterminate  Adult       Entomology - Naturhistoriska riksmuseet Animalia Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Pterygota Neoptera Lepidopterabutterflies moths papillons papillons de nuit Borboleta Mariposa
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