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Image Record: [704382]  Namibimydas psamminos hierarchy

Contributor:Torsten Dikowemail
Submitter:Torsten Dikowemail
Group:tdikow's group
Date Submitted:2011-08-22
Last Modified:2011-08-22
Publish Date:2012-05-01
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Magnification: NULL
Dimension (px): 4032x3024
Resolution (PPI):
Submitted as: tiff
Original File Name: namibimydas_psamminos_ht_m.tif
Photographer: T. Dikow

View id: 704381
Specimen part: whole organism habitus
Angle: Lateral
Technique: DSLR, macro lens, extension tube, LED dome light
Preparation: Pinned

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Copyright: T. Dikow
License: Creative Commons License
Morphbank biodiversity NSF FSU Florida State University tdikow's group T. Dikow DSLR, macro lens, extension tube, LED dome light Pinned whole organism habitus Lateral Male Indeterminate BMNH Southern Africa Expedition Adult Africa  NAMIBIA Erongo  Homeb, 16 km ESE Gobabeb (23) National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Animalia Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Pterygota Neoptera Diptera Brachycera Muscomorpha Mydidae Syllegomydinae Namibimydas Namibimydas psamminos
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Specimen id: 704380
Basis of record: [S] - Specimen
Sex: Male
Form: Indeterminate
Stage: Adult
Catalog number: AAM-000867
Collector: BMNH Southern Africa Expedition
Date collected:


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Locality Id: 704379
Continent: Africa
Water Body:
Country: NAMIBIA
State/Province: Erongo
Locality: Homeb, 16 km ESE Gobabeb (23)
Latitude: -23.63667
Longitude: 15.18194
Elevation (m):
Depth (m):


Species:Namibimydas psamminos  

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Namibimydas psamminosDikow, 2012nonenone10