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Add Taxon Name

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Who can add taxon names?

Any Morphbank account holder may add taxon names to Morphbank. Via the web-interface, taxonomic names may be added at the rank of sub-order or lower. Morphbank Users may add names in any kingdom, as needed.

What types of names can be added to Morphbank?

Contributors may submit taxon names of two types: Regular scientific names or manuscript names.

Also, a contributor must choose the status of the new name: "publish" or "do not publish." Both types of new taxon names are given Morphbank Taxonomic Serial Numbers (mtsn) which can be identified because they have a TSN number greater than 999,000,000. These are unique identifiers, within Morphbank, for a given taxon name.

What is the effect of adding Morphbank taxon names?

Published Regular scientific names and published Manuscript names are available to scientists to use for adding specimens and applying to determination annotations.

Unpublished names can be edited by the Morphbank Contributor and Submitter and anyone else in that particular Morphbank group if their group role is lead scientist or higher. Users may also add external links and identifiers to a Taxon Name added to Morphbank. If, for example, the Taxon Name is already in another taxonomic name server, the identifier from that database can be put in via the Add Taxon screen to link to the taxonomic data for that name.

What if the newly added taxon name needs changing?

What follows is a brief entry on how to Edit a taxon name. For a more detailed entry on how to Edit a taxon name, jump to Edit Taxon Name.

At what rank can new taxon names be added?

When, where and how can taxon names be added?

Add Taxon from rank from where form needed
sub-order or lower web interface see this web page for instructions
genus or lower download form, send to mbadmin@scs.fsu.edu Morphbank Excel Workbook, SpecimenTaxonData sheet
Kingdom and lower download form, send to mbadmin@scs.fsu.edu Morphbank Taxon Upload.xls
  1. Add Names (suborder and lower), one-at-a-time, via the web interface. Instructions on this page.
  2. Add Taxon Names (genus rank and lower), using the SpecimenTaxonData sheet in the Morphbank Excel Workbook
  3. Add Taxon Names (from Kingdom) via the Taxon Upload form.

Where to Find Taxon Name Search

  • Header Menu: Browse > Taxon Search.
  • Header Menu: Tools > Submit > Taxon Name.
  • Header Menu: Tools > Submit Specimen (click on the select check next to Determination Id/Name field).
The Add taxon button button is visible on screen for any authorized logged-in Morphbank user anytime they are searching for a taxon name and they have reached at least the Suborder level in the Taxon Name Search.

Note at this point, the user has 3 choices:

  1. add a child at this taxon rank, under Coleoptera by clicking on Add,
  2. click on Adephaga, Archostemata, Myxophaga or Polyphaga to see the existing children for these taxon, or
  3. *Add a child to one of the Suborders by clicking on Add on the far right of that table row. It is important to check first to see what children (if any) already exist for this name by using option 2 above.

In this example, the user puts "Coleoptera" in the Taxon Name Search. Wanting to add a child below Adephaga, the user clicks the Add button on the far right of the container in the Adephaga table row. This opens the following Add Taxon screen to add a child under Adephaga.

add taxon name screen

Filling out the

Add Taxon Name

form: For a given contributor, submitted names will be usable in the Morphbank system immediately from Taxon Name Search. If published, it will take 24 hours before the name appears in the Taxon Hierarchy. From the Taxa tab of My Manager, logged-in users may peruse / edit the Taxon Names they have contributed to Morphbank. For more information on this, jump to the My Manager section of this manual or go to the Header Menu: click Browse to open My Manager > click the Taxa tab.