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Edit Publication

Paths to Edit Publication
  • After login Header Menu > Tools > My Manager > Publications
    This path gives the user access to all publications they have entered. Use the Keyword Search and/or the Limit Search by feature to find specific publications.
  • After login Header Menu > Browse > Publication > keyword search for publication and Click edit icon
    From this path, the user can see all the publications in the Morphbank database and will search to find the specific one to edit.
Sample Edit Publication Screen
After login, then Header Menu > Tools > My Manager > Publications > keyword search > click Edit Icon path:

Edit Publication Screen

Data that must be entered on the Edit Publication screen varies with the type of publication selected. Note the required fields are indicated by a *.

If a user is logged-in, they may Browse - Publications to find the publication they wish to edit. Once found, click on the edit icon to open the Edit Publication screen for this publication only.

Sample Edit Publication Screen
from If logged-in> Browse> Publication> Find Publication and Click edit icon
Browse Publication Edit
Note: The person logged-in will be the name of the person that displays in the "Contributor" field above. If a Submitter is entering data on behalf of a Contributor, select the Contributor's name from the drop-down.

Morphbank provides an option to add External Links and / or External Unique Identifiers to this record. For complete instructions on providing links refer to External Linking in the Information Linking section of this manual.

When the Edit Publication form has been completed, Update to complete the edit publication process. A message will confirm that you have successfully edited a publication. From this point the user can continue to edit additional publications or return to the Edit Publication screen.